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JustNFTs is happy to announce it’s latest NFT Marketplace on the Evrmore Blockchain. You can learn more about EVR, here. This NFT Marketplace was launched on 11/14/22 and has been growing rapidly! If you are a Ravenist user and had RVN on our marketplace at the time of the EVR snapshot, please sign up to receieve your EVR. You can visit the marketplace, here.

What We Do


We bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, by providing provide crucial, innovative and integrative services on several blockchains. Please see the list below of some just of the services we provide.

What is Everyone Saying?

“JustNFTs is great! They got my NFT minted on the Ravencoin blockchain, and even got my art into a LIVE auction. I cannot thank them enough for the services they provide! It’s truly, one stop shopping! I didn’t have to do anything, they took care of it all, and just deposited the money into my RVN wallet.”


Vendor, Project 33

“Super easy to use, great customer service, amazing team! JustNFTs is a must check out for all your RVN NFT needs!”
Degen Smokers Club

Partnered Artist, @degensmokerclub

“The first NFT I ever bought was on The second one was on To this day these are my to-go-to marketplaces when it comes to buying and selling NFTs. Largely because of how easy these marketplaces are, but also because I’ve come to appreciate and trust the helpfulness of the team behind it. Thank you for always going above and beyond. Your professionalism and continued support for the Raven community is unmatched!”


“Until I tried Ravenist I was paying over 20% fees on each NFT, Now that i’m using Ravenist I receive more profit from selling than any other Raven NFT site.”

Developer & Artist

“JustNFTs is a true OG ravencoin project & marketplace, as one of the first proper Businesses running on Ravencoin. I’ve always found that they consistently maintained a high level of professionalism. Through changing and turbulent times in the Ravencoin economy and community I’ve never been able to fault their commitment, fairness, honestly and work ethic. The owners of this service are some of the hardest workers in our community. I love buying and selling on JustNFTs as I think it has something the other marketplaces are missing – a human touch.”

Partnered Artist,

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