Artist Branded Website & Storefront

  • Want your own artist specific marketplace/storefront?
  • Want to include merch for your own business/art?
  • Don’t know where to start or have limited technical knowledge?

This service is uses the Ravencoin blockchain, but will accept any currency you wish, from Fiat to Crypto (eth, btc, rvn, etc).


  • How Does it Work: Full Service?

  • Submit an NFT listing request with our easy to use form.
  • We mint and list your NFT.
  • Add merch, if you wish for it.
  • We send the NFT to the artist on your behalf.
  • Get paid.
  • Repeat!
  • Unlimited Assets?

    • Yes! Unlimited assets. There is no limit to how many assets which can be listed or requested for listing. However, please keep in mind as requests increase, there may be a delay in listing to account for the increase in requests.
  • IPFS – What’s that?

    • IPFS is the public decentralized P2P network which all blockchains use to post files. 
    • With JustNFTs you will not have to worry about this. We will add your NFT to our IPFS servers and mantain it for LIFE. You will not have to worry about another company shutting down or removing your work for more space.

  • Can I use my own or purchase my own Main Asset?

    • Yes, of course. If you wish to list with your own asset name and do not already have one, we will purchase one for you at our expense and subtract it from the sale(s) of any NFTs at a 15% addt’l per sale until paid back in full. 
    • If you already have your own main asset. Please either send us the main asset to mint under for you or a sub-asset for us to mint your NFTs under.
  • Cancel Anytime

    • Yes, cancel at anytime. We do not require a contract with our services. We do ask that if you do cancel, you provide us with reasonable notice or time or transfer ownership of all your assets and accounts within our network, to you.
  • What currency?

    • We can accept any currency you wish. Paypal, Crypto. The nice part is, we can list in FIAT with support for local currencies and your buyerr can purchase in any supported currency you wish to accept. So, an ETH user can purchase a RVN asset without any extra conversions process.