(Certificate of Authenticity)

We offer a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), our COA is to show proof of a transaction between two parties on the RVN blockchain and are mantained & authenticated by JustNFTs.

A COA will be generated (see example below) with all the relative information and sent to the purchaser of the NFT. Once a COA has been generated and posted to the bloackchain, the NFT itself is transferrable. However, the information will not change as ownership does. If ownership transfer is made a new COA will be required to continue to show authentic ownership transfer.

This service is limited to the JustNFTs marketplace only.
Note: Upon special request a COA can be generated for Ravenist too. Please email for more information.

Example COA



  • How Does it Work: COA – JNFT Marketplace?

    • COA purchases are directly integrated into JNFT. You just need to request one during checkout and add the additional cost into your overall purchase transfer. Once the order is received and payment has been confirmed, we will generate a COA once the NFT has been transferred to the buyer.
  • How Does it Work: COA – Ravenist Marketplace?

    • Since COAs are not natively integrated into Ravenist, you will need to contact us directly at [email protected] to get a COA issued for any transactions conducted on Ravenist. 

  • Ownership Transfer

    • I just purchased or am purchasing an NFT which has a JNFT COA, how do I get it updated into my name?
      • If you purchased or purchase the NFT from the from the JNFT marketplace, there will be an option for a COA purchase at checkout. If you add this option on we will generate on for you. In the additional notes field, please list the existing COA asset chain address, if appliciable. 
      • If you purchase or purchased the NFT from Ravenist, you will need to email us at [email protected] for further assistance.
  • Can I contact JustNFTs to verify my COA is valid?

    • Yes, please email [email protected] with the COA chain address and we will look it up in our system.

  • I have lost my access to my COA, can I get a replacement?

    • If your COA is before April 2022, you cannot get a duplicate of a COA. We will have to generate a new one for you, free of charge.
      • Due to the nature of how our COA’s were made. We did not retain the attached password for user security, meaning, we cannot access the COA on the blockchain and we did not retain the originals. Since then, we now retain the original COA’s before they are encrypted and added to the blockchain. If you have a COA made after April 2022, we can re-issue a new asset from the original COA you will need to burn the original asset. If you cannot, we will add it as a voided asset on the re-issued COA.
  • How long does it take to recieve my COA?

    • Most COA’s will be generated and distributed within 24 – 48 hours. If you haven’t recieved a COA outside of that time window, please email us.