Artist Merch Program

  • Want to offer your own Merch? 
  • Don’t want to have to deal with filling your own orders?
  • Don’t want to deal with shipping?
  • Don’t want to deal with customer service?

This service is for JNFT, Ravenist Marketplaces and Artist specific sites created and mantained by JustNFTs.


  • How Does it Work: Merch?

  • Submit an NFT.
  • Add the NFT Merch purchase link in to the description.
  • Promote & Sell your NFT.
  • When purchased, we take care of all the administrative work.
  • Get paid.
  • Repeat!  

  • Unlimited Items?

    • Yes! Unlimited assets. There is no limit to how many assets which can be listed or requested for listing. However, please keep in mind as requests increase, there may be a delay in listing to account for the increase in requests. 
    • Cancel Anytime

      • Yes, cancel at anytime. We do not require a contract with our services. We do ask that if you do cancel, you provide us with reasonable notice to cancel or fufill any pending orders.