Partnership Program

What is it?

JustNFTs partnership program. By joining our partnership and listing exclusively with JustNFTs, you get perks in return!


  • 500 RVN initial payment for joining. Yes, we will pay you! 
  • Tier Based Sales Commission:
    • 25,000 RVN sales: 1000 RVN
    • 50,000 RVN sales: 2000 RVN
    • 75,000 RVN sales: 3000 RVN
    • 100,000 RVN sales: 4,000 RVN
    • 150,000 RVN sales: 5,000 RVN
    • 200,000 RVN sales: 7000 RVN + 5% additional of your sales.
  • Early access to additional programs and features.
  • Exclusive rights to use JustNFTs logos/branding for advertisement.
  • SWAG!
  • Premium customer support. 

What’s required?

Anyone can join the program at any time. However, commission payments will be quarterly from the time of signup. And, the following must be met at the time of commission payout. 

  1. Exclusive listing with JustNFTs.
  2. 350+ Twitter followers.
  3. 50 JustNFTs store followers.
  4. At LEAST 25K RVN in sales over the past three months.
  5. You must be actively promoting YOUR brand.