Our Team

Ryan Murray

Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Ryan has over 15 years of I.T. experience, ranging from: Help Desk, VoIP, Fiber Optic Construction, Web Design & Development and much more. Ryan is extremely passionate about technology, ravencoin, video games and cars. Ryan’s ultimate goal is to have his own thriving business which can help bring jobs to the market. When not working on projects to help grow his dreams and passions, he spends his time with his wife and daughter.



Alyssa Moreno

Chief Marketing Officer


Alyssa has a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Has worked for several government agencies and has been a stay at home mom for 4 years now. Got interested in crypto in 2020 and has found a passion for bringing women into the crypto space. Besides being a stay at home mom she loves interacting with people and teach but also learning about the crypto space.



Khalid Saleh

Advisor & Co-Founder


Khalid understands that behind every great technology is a great team. He believes that having the right team and a great culture is foundational to making great products. Leveraging his degree in business administration, he intends to utilize OKR’s to grow the company, build great products, and create lasting relations with customers. He believes that hard work, intrinsic motivation, and purposeful work helps generate growth opportunities. He further believes that conversations, feedback, and recognition with structured goal-setting makes work more collaborative and helps power positive results


Come join our ever-growing team, and get your foot in the door at the ground level!

We are looking for members of the community who want to help us grow. We have huge plans for the future of JustNFTs and Ravencoin. If you have a skillset, talent or idea of how to send Ravencoin to the MOON then send us an email!